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You found a team of software engineers based in Ukraine. We help clients saving costs for a technology with IT outsourcing, accept full cycle project and team extension requests, provide direct communication with English-speaking developers.

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About Us

Logic IT Solutions (LITS) is a strong team of more than 60 experienced Full Stack Web and Mobile Software Engineers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, UX/UI Designers, Quality Assurance Engineers and DevOpses, assembled together in the production center in Kyiv, Ukraine, supported by Account Management team in Silicon Valley, USA.

You will benefit from working with us if you are a small or medium-size businesses, or a young startup looking for a top quality technical expertise, strong communication skill, 60-70% cost reduction compared to on-site implementation.

Since 2014 our team helped more than 100 customers from over 10 countries. Portfolio includes full cycle web & mobile project development, VR & AR applications, successful remote Team Extension cases and dozens of short time & material engagements.

5 reasons to work with us

  • Cost Control
    task tracking access or time tracker option
  • Scalability
    in-house recruiting, quick ramping up/down a team
  • Code Quality
    structured, maintainable code with comments
  • Confidentiality
    all team members are under NDA
  • Reliability
    backup power and Internet channel, office security

Work Process

We understand that each customer is unique and has differing needs. Our customers get a tailor-made experience and custom software development depending on the kind of work they bring to us and what we have on hand to offer them.

Our Process is fairly simple:

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Contact Us
Free consulting allows assembling and clarifying your requirements
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Solution Analysis
Planning phase for a project or evaluating developers for a remote team
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Estimating a project, signing an agreement
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Iterative agile approach for a managed project delivery
Slider icon 8
Special terms for support services after project’s release

Engagement Models

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Fixed Price
per Project

The collaboration between the IT provider and service gainer is a contractual agreement with detailed specifications.

  • suitable for short or urgent projects lasting a few months;
  • best choice when the requirements are clearly defined and stable;
  • fixed amount of money is paid for particular scope of work;
  • client is not involved in the workflow actively;
  • project manager assumes the responsibility for the whole development process.
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Time & Material

This model is applied when it is impossible to itemize and estimate all the details of the project at once.

  • excellent for average and long-term agile projects;
  • most optimal approach when the requirements are changeable;
  • customer pays for the time spent on the development of predetermined functional and reimburses additional costs;
  • client provides a direct control over the project;
  • the final phase of the project is result delivering in the form described by the customer.
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Outsourcing Development Team

In this case the client gets a team that is involved only into his project and not engaged in other tasks.

  • applicable for long projects;
  • an appropriate model for projects with frequent and vague requirements;
  • client pays the invoice that consist of management fee and monthly salary of team members;
  • customer gains a complete control over project management;
  • the closing stage of collaboration depends on the project’s specifics.


Our team has tailored a list of services covering full cycle web, mobile and VR/AR project development. We are client-oriented, proactive technology partner who follows your guidelines but at the same time suggests most efficient solutions aimed at helping your business goals.


Are you looking for a specific technology or planning a full cycle project development? Our back-end and front-end expertise allows you blueprinting, building and maintaining advanced web and mobile applications for a company of any size.




Featured Projects

Several hundred projects have been launched by our team since 2014. Most of them are under strict NDA, making us anonymous heroes behind the scene. Below you can find a few featured projects, highlighting our key technical expertise.
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Portf 2
Facebook API
Portf 3
Portf 4
Portf 5
Portf 6
Portf 7
Portf 8
Microsoft Hololens
Unity 3D


Email App

LITS team has been our core software development partner from initial stage to launch and have delivered solid, high quality results during the whole project integration. Our project included 3 applications: native iOS app, native Android app and cross-platform desktop application compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac.

We were always happy with both technical delivery of quite complex challenges they were given as well as with an overall user-friendly front-end implementation and attention to the smallest details.

We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable software development company with a complex challenging project and would like to appreciate their team’s professionalism, responsiveness and communication skills.

Alexander Volkov
President, Mailfeed Corp.

Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, Firebase Dedicated Programmer

Programmer did a great job with a difficult EmberJS project. We had an older undocumented app that needed updating, and he was very helpful in helping us understand what was required to get the work completed. Unfortunately, the client decided not to invest in further updates to the app, so we had to cancel the project. But I would certainly work with him and his team for future development projects - they were very responsive and great to work with.

Andrew Stoller
Stoller & Company, Baltimor, USA

Educational Platform

I’ve had the opportunity to work with 2 front end developers, 1 backend developer and a QA. We have managed to make a significant progress with the development of our platform, including redesigning the value proposition lesson canvas and making it more responsive. Making the Analytics work much better with better insights and the infrastructure which was lagging in performance has also been improved. The QA was very detailed in making sure that bugs were detailed well and clearly, and fixed. We have also been able to plan and meet milestones for new features.

Very supportive team and I hope to continue the relationship however big or small in future.

Founder and CEO
Startup from the UK

Ruby on Rails Website Development

Fantastic communication and motivation!

Thinks strategically and makes great choices as well as writing strong code.

Thank you!

Hard Data Factory
Startup from the United States

Ruby on Rails website support

Fast, efficient and worked to budget.

Really rate this developer really highly.

Good job, well done.

Mark Young
Academyclass, United Kingdom, London

School Management Web app

The developers provided were excellent and rock solid.

I would hire again in a heartbeat.

Chris Jeon
Toasterbits, USA

Website Development

This was one of the absolute best experiences I’ve had with hiring a contract development resource. Not only was the project completed as requested, there was input given along the way, suggestion for improving the original requirements, and the documentation was first rate. I would hire again in an instant for any other projects I have.

Thrion Holdings
Startup from USA

Web & Mobile Project Development

A pleasure to work with.

Developer is a diligent expert, who achieves goals at a high level.

Startup from the United States

Team Extension, Cordova

Guys did the really complicated task in a short period of time.

The communication was fast and easy and the final result makes me happy.

Will I advise to work with them? Without doubts yes.

Zhenshu Ding
Startup from China, Tumen

Team Available

Contact us to get the most up-to-date information for specialists’ availability.
Maksim P.
Senior Full Stack Ruby Engineer, Technical Lead
100% job success
Available: 40h/week

I have over 10 years of experience as a Software Engineer. I’m leading a team of several Ruby engineers and completing most critical parts of projects’ architecture design. I love communicating directly with customers, helping them to find most efficient solutions for their projects.

Victoria G.
Frontend Software Engineer (Ember, Meteor, Angular, JSON, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap)
100% job success
Available: 40h/week

I’m pixel-perfect Front-end Expert, constantly learning and implementing new technologies. People say I have an exceptional ability to work in a fast-paced high-pressure environment.

Oleksiy K.
Senior Frontend Engineer (Sass, Less, Bootstrap, Ember, jQuery, Cordova)
100% job success
Available: 40h/week

I have a solid knowledge both in backend and frontend which allows me to learn a wide range of technologies and reach the desired knowledge level extremely fast. I complete projects, not just tasks, so I am looking at them not only as a developer, but from customer’s standpoint as well, that’s why bring the ideas how to make a product better.

Emil T.
Full Stack Python Engineer (Python, Ember.js, Backbone.js, jQuery, Bootstrap, Django)
100% job success
Available: 40h/week

I’m constantly enhancing knowledge in object-oriented and functional programming, as well as modern technologies and methods of development. I’m following best practices, creative and responsible worker.

Eugene M.
Senior Android Developer (Java SE, Android SDK, JSON, XML, ORM, REST)
100% job success
Available: 40h/week

Master at technical troubleshooting and anticipating future potential problems. I have excellent critical thinking and problem solving skills. In my work I follow solid software design principles.

Maksim S.
Senior Full Stack Ruby Engineer
100% job success
Available: 40h/week

Graduated as a M.S. in Marketing and Management I have a comprehensive knowledge about marketing or analytical part of any side of business, and enough experience to help clients to get maximum from their web resources. Being Software Engineer for over 6 years, I’m interested in architectural and engineering solutions that make user friendly, high performance, scalable and reliable applications.

Oleg L.
Senior VR and AR Solutions Developer (Unity 3D, C#, Java (Android), C++, Python)
100% job success
Available: 40h/week

During my more than 8 years experience of mobile application and game development, I’ve completed hundreds of projects, so I can easily find common language and be on the same page with clients. I always try to understand how a client sees his product as a complete solution. Hands-on experience with all modern platforms for Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Vadim K.
Senior Mobile Software Engineer, Team Lead (Java SE, ObjectiveC, Swift, C/C++, Android SDK, iOS SDK)
100% job success
Available: 40h/week

I have over 6 years experience as a Mobile Application Developer, have deep expertise in analytics and apps architecture. Good organization and communication skills, team player. Strong leadership skills. Geek and IoT fan.

Vladimir M.
Senior Frontend Engineer (React, React Native, Redux, ExtJS, Backbone, Ember)
100% job success
Available: 40h/week

I have over 5 years of experience in the web development industry. Produce clean, supportable, extensible and reusable code. Proactive and responsible team player. Communicative, enthusiastic and always open to new technologies.



Blog img

Ruby on Rails vs Node.js. What is the difference?

May 08 2017

Today Ruby on Rails and Node.js are considered to be the most popular choices for a new startup web development. How would you decide which one is the best for you?

Ruby on Rails is known for being:

  • Flexible;
  • IDE-friendly;
  • Easily portable;
  • Simple in use;
  • Consistent with a structure and methodology.

Node.js, in turn, has:

  • Powerful underlying libraries;
  • Full stack;
  • Same language on client and server side;
  • Simplicity in monitoring, deployment and support;
  • Fast page loading across the site.

Selection between these two platforms depends on a set of project’s features. In some cases it can be just a matter of preference, in other cases it can be a critical component of project’s success. Please contact our team so we can advise you the most efficient solution.

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