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When you are selecting among different databases to hold your data in the most secure way you need to pay attention to some important factors. Further you will find out more about this  NoSQL database that can store a large amounts of  different data (structured and unstructured).


The key feature of Cassandra database is its built-in concepts - The Dynamo and BigTable that are suitable for complex data structures if to compare with traditional databases. If this answers your purposes, then the perfect decision will be our Cassandra services.


There is no probability of failure in the complete Cassandra database. All data is equally distributed among the cluster that consists of similar nodes. The function of each node is to read and write requests. When it is combined with appropriate data replication strategy the failure in individual node can be resolved very fast. At Logic IT Solutions we care about the security of your data and we do not allow any errors in our final products.

Perfect scalability

The whole amount of data in Cassandra database is distributed equally as we described earlier. From this you can conclude that when new nodes appear, data becomes more sparsely distributed across the whole cluster and in this case the load on each node is less.

Cassandra is best suited for the following types of products:

  • business’s growing datasets;
  • cloud deployments;
  • write-heavy applications.

At Logic IT Solutions we can offer the above-mentioned Cassandra development services for you and even more. You will receive our support and advice during the whole development process, friendly team that is able to answer any your questions and take into account your suggestions and corrections and the perfect quality of the final product that will be delivered in time.


Final thoughts

It is time to make your final choice in favour of your business. Now you know about the advantages of Cassandra development services that Logic IT Solutions can provide you with. We have various models of collaboration that are applicable to any type of of project depending on its aims or duration. The decision is yours so if you had already made it do not wait any longer and consult our specialists from Logic IT Solutions.

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