Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team model and its advantages over the other engagement models for the growth of your business

This scheme of collaboration allows you to perform tasks in the most effective way because you get the team of developers who are involved only in your project so they did not devote time to other assignments. They are mainly focused on the essential goal of the project and their efforts are directed to its implementation. Logic IT Solutions can provide you the development team that will listen to every your word and follows your recommendations.

You can decide whether this model fits your project depending on several points. We will list them below.

Dedicated Team model is suitable for your goals if it meets these conditions:

  • You need to develop the complex product instead of simple tool;
  • You want to take over the management of the whole project;
  • One of your aims is to extend your business in future;
  • If the final stage of the project depends on the specific of the project.

If these points meet your requirements but you still have doubts about this model of collaboration we suggest you check the benefits of this method in further paragraphs.

Constant communication with developers

You will regularly keep in touch with Logic IT Solutions development team so we will not miss a single detail and do our best to satisfy your demands.

The power is in your hands

You will be able to control every stage of the development process. If you like to manage the affairs by your own rules then this model will be a perfect solution for your project in this matter.

Stable team

The reliable team is the major advantage of this engagement model. Logic IT Solutions will offer you collaboration with our best specialists who possess many years of experience working with similar projects.

Flexibility of tasks

The other benefit is the flexibility available in this model. You can make changes in terms or goals because you do not need to specify them at the early stage.


If the same dedicated team constantly works with a product the team members learn it on the expert level and due to this, the productivity of their work is increasing.


To draw a conclusion

Now you know about the benefits and conditions of Dedicated Team model. If they are suitable for your project then consult our Logic IT Solutions team and we will offer you the best development services applying this engagement model. We are always open to your suggestions and collaboration. Take a chance and contact us now.

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