Time and Material

Time and Material model to deliver your project in the best way possible

When you are going to launch a long-lasting project but you do not know all the details and it is difficult to estimate them in advance we offer you a way out. At Logic IT Solutions we have dealt with similar projects many times and the best option, in this case, is Time and Material model.

According to Time and Material, model client reimburses the costs for hours of development, for material and other additional charges, for example, business trips. In contrast to Fixed Price per Project model, this type of cooperation does not require precise calculation of all the aspects.

This model is a perfect choice for long-term cooperation. During the meetings with the client,  the team of developers provides information about the hours spent on the realization of each function and the progress made in the development. The distinctive feature of Logic IT Solutions is flexibility because we are always ready to implement your corrections in the process of development and to focus on that aspect that is important for you.

Advantages of Time and Material model

Time and Material model has lots of benefits in comparison to other engagement models and further in this text we have substantiated the most prominent ones.

  • The flexibility of budget. Taking into account your purchasing power you can arrange your expenses and exclude some particular features if they are not relevant for your project.
  • Partial payment. You have the opportunity to pay for each completed piece of work partially.
  • Immediate start. There is no need to make any special preparations or establish final requirements because you can urgently start the development process.
  • Regular discussions and the ability to make adjustments at any moment of development. Our specialists from Logic IT Solutions are particularly attentive to your opinion and will consider every your suggestion.
  • Correlation with the principles of Scrum methodology. There are many similar points in Time and Material model and Scrum. This model also includes such elements as sprint, daily meetings, and others.


In summary

After reading this article, you have learned about the benefits of Time and Material model and in what cases it would be useful for the development of your project. Now the decision belongs to you and if you are sure that this engagement model is suitable for your business goals and for the type of your project the next step is to contact us right now and get more information about Logic IT Solutions development services.

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